Jonathan Street

Computing, Programming, Website Development.

Genetic algorithm (Flash & Actionscript 3.0)

Horse evolution genetics.

Play it • University assignment, March 2015.

For one of my stage two modules I had to design and program a game, using a genetic algorithm, in Flash and Actionscript.

I expanded upon the code provided, increasing the number organisms displayed and created the phenotype/genotype mutations - including all artwork.

You can play the game here.


Cleanplate – Website design • Charity work, January 2014.

Cleanplate is a charitable organisation, based in Plymouth. Providing information & support for people affected by eating-disorders.

The organisation had no previous web-presence, other than in through social-media. I provided the website design and code for the client, as per the design specification. The design provides a clean, sleek look, with the information clearly visible, and segmented.

Steep Parish Plan

Steep Parish‐Plan – Website design • Client work, August 2013.

I have made several website designs and small side projects; however, this was the first website I created that went live.

I was provided with a mock-up provided by PosAbilities, a local graphic design company, and was given the task of coding it to look as close to the mock-up as possible.

During this project I came across the golden-ratio for font-size, line-height, and letter-spacing. It also required strict alignment and spacing of the parts of the page to achieve the same look as the mock-up.

I had free rein of several elements that weren't shown on the mock-up that I feel enhance the design. Little things, such as square bullet-points emphasize the angular design. I am please how this website turned out.